Who we are

We are a team of pioneers that believe in:

– Breaking Boundaries with our high voltage pulsed power fragmentation systems

– Innovating to solve old problems with new technology producing step-change solutions for our clients

– Creating machines for sustainable use and reuse of resources

– Leading by constantly being at the forefront of high voltage pulsed power technology

What we do

At SelFrag, we know we only have one planet and we have to look after it. We relentlessly work to transform household and industrial waste into valuable by-products, which enables us to:

– Improve recycling and recovery rates

– Reduce the volume of material that is landfilled

– Reduce the CO2 emissions on our planet

– Close the gap to a fully-realised circular economy

Revolution, not Evolution

High Voltage Pulse Fragmentation

We are the world leaders in the industrialisation of electric pulse disaggregation (EPD) systems for the selective fragmentation of solid material. With over 40 installations worldwide of batch, semi and fully continuous processing systems, our team of highly specialised engineers have brought industrialised pulsed power products and systems to the market, satisfying our clients for over a decade.

EPD is the most relevant alternative to conventional crushing and grinding techniques, and presents a huge potential to reduce energy consumption and develop the new generation of sustainable and economically profitable mineral processing plants.

EPD is the use of high voltage electrical pulses to selectively fragment a composite solid material along internal boundaries. The end result is a crushed mass of particles each of a single material, as opposed to the less selective breakage that occurs with traditional mechanical comminution methods. While it is not difficult to generate a single high voltage discharge, the challenge lies in doing so continuously and safely: that is where SELFRAG steps in.

Research into the use of electrical discharges to break rocks has been ongoing for the past 60 years, however the technology never passed beyond laboratory scale prototype to industrialised system. High voltage EPD machines were large, difficult to use and required large safety cages, taking up considerable space in laboratories. This changed with the SELFRAG Lab, the first fully CE certified electric pulse fragmenter suitable for use in universities and research centres. With a small footprint and plug and play installation requiring minimal training, the Lab was soon adopted worldwide as the industry standard for electric pulse fragmenters.

With the success of the Lab system, SELFRAG have expanded into continuous production machines for the high tech electronic and mineral processing industry, and we currently offer the only fully continuous high voltage EPD systems on the market, the Rod Crusher, a contactless continuous fragmentation solution for the high purity silicon industry, and the Scoria, a automated continuous fragmenter for incinerator bottom ash.



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SELFRAG is a privately held company with a group of private and institutional investors including Affentranger Associates SA and the Ammann Group.

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