High Purity

The fragmentation of high purity solid materials is confronted with potential contamination issues. The risk of metal or plastic contamination from conventional crushing equipment is high, and difficult and expensive to fix afterwards. SELFRAG’s Rod Crusher crushes material without contacting it, making it the ideal solution to process your high-purity material.

  • • All off specification material can be re-used
    • Precise target fraction can be defined
    • Narrow particle size distribution of target material 
    • Round shapes of produced particles
  • • No dust, no losses of valuable material, improved health and safety
  • No mechanical contact with silicon allows very high purity processing with very low surface contamination
  • Controllable fraction size and narrow particle size distribution – suitable for continuous feeding
  • Smooth and clean surfaces of silicon fragments
  • Almost no silicon losses
  • High speed and quality of overall process
  • The 10% to 20% off spec glass can be immediately re-melted saving raw material
    IOTA grades (Std, 4 & 6) are achieved
    Energy saving as melting temperature is set lower
    Fully automated
    Good flowability of cullets
    250 kg – 2 tons per hour module (depending on material and fraction size)
    Very small amount of gas bubbles