Advances and Advantages of HV Fragmentation in Sample preparation – Video Available

The video of SELFRAG’s presentation on “Advances and Advantages of High Voltage Fragmentation in Sample preparation” from the National Isotope Geochronology and Geochemistry Symposium in Hefei, China is now live on the conference website and can be viewed here.



Analytical capability increases year on year as both technology and methodologies improve analytical detection limits, accuracy and precision of scientific instrumentation. Sample preparation methods, however, have remained largely unchanged for the past century. Jaw crushing and milling are dust generating and highly destructive, losing or breaking large proportions of the target material, or smearing metallic particles, destroying information on crystal structure. Selective dissolution or cryogenic methods to liberate fragile particles are time and labour intensive. Without improving preparation technique, it may not be possible to extract the full value from this increased precision and accuracy. High voltage (90 – 200kV) electrical pulses (HVP) serve to disaggregate a material along phase boundaries by creation of tensile stresses within the material, pulling the rock apart quickly and with minimum fine generation or breakage of individual phases. This work showcases recent research and applications of HVP in non-destructive liberation of zircon, garnet, native metals and microfossils from the host rock for the purpose of improving chemical and isotopic analysis.


A PDF of the presentation can be downloaded from our ResearchGate profile.


Isotope Geochronology and Geochemistry Symposium, China