Apatite recovery from meteorite samples

Heavy mineral separate including apatite

We have updated our Application Notes Section with the results of a new project into the liberation and recovery of apatite grains from the McKinney meteorite.

The method, conducted with researchers from the University of Cambridge and Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC) used the micro-process vessel to isolate single fragments of meteorite which were then crushed as normal in the Lab system in cycles of 10 pulses until all material passed through a 1mm sieve.

The Micro-process vessel

The apatite grains were then separated from other material and imaged on a FEG-SEM, and found to be of a coarse enough size suitable for further analysis.

The U-Pb ages of the apatite will be analysed to determine the timing and conditions of asteroid impact events in the early Solar System.

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Apatite grains recovred from the McKinney meteor imaged by FEG-SEM