Electric Pulse Fragmentation @ IMPC 2018

We are pleased to highlight some talks covering various electric pulse fragmentation (EPF) applications that will be happening at IMPC 2018 on September 17th – 21st in Moscow, Russia – please consult the table below for sessions and times of talks.

TU Freiberg has had a Lab system installed for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge on the effect of high voltage pulses on mineral ores.

BRGM received a Lab system in 2017 and are investigating improving recovery from low grade ores as part of the FAME Project. SELFRAG batch and continuous systems have also played a key role in the Horizon 2020 HISER Project – Ask Kathy about the latest publications from this work.

The Isomass Scientific Lab System was installed for a period of 2017 at the University of British Columbia where initial research into mineral ore processing and E-Waste recycling occurred.

The Kola Science Centre research group have a long history of research into high voltage fragmentation of both natural ores and smelting by-products, and know exactly how well various materials react to SELFRAG treatment.

Frank Shi’s research into EPF treatment of natural ores resulted in the award of the 2017 CEEC medal in technical research, and Frank can be considered one of the worlds experts in the applications of EPF in the mining industry.

To find out more about SELFRAG research into EPF, follow our ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Resources pages.