FAME project – new articles on treatment of low grade ores

The Horizon 2020 FAME Project ran from 2015 to 2018 and was considered a resounding success by the EU Commission.

FAME aimed to investigate Flexible And Mobile Economic Processing Technologies for the better exploitation of European metal deposits. Europes long mining history means that the remaining deposits are often low grade or complex making them uneconomical to mine at present, fuelling the search for new methods of exploiting critical resources contained within these orebodies.

Part of the FAME project involved optimisation of conventional mineral processing such as flotation, however novel pre treatment methods were also investigated, including Selfrag High voltage electric pulse fragmentation (EPF). This involved extensive crushing of scheelite and cassiterite ores in the Lab system, followed by investigation into potential weakening and grade enhancement in particular size fractions.

In 2018, researchers from BRGM came to Selfrag to treat the same casssiterite ore in the Scoria industrial EPF system and perform the same weakening and upgrading assessment. This is the first study of its kind to investigateĀ  the use of continuous EPF in ore fragmentation.

The results of the FAME project have been written up and have now been published in Minerals Engineering – click on the article headlines below to be taken to the relevant Minerals Engineering page where the article can be downloaded. More results from the FAME project can be found on the FAME Project page on ResearchGate.


FAME Project Bru



FAME Project Bru


The FAME project was one of may H2020 projects that Selfrag is involved with. If you are seeking a new method for treating mineral ores or a complex waste stream, get in tough with us at info@selfrag.com to arrange a call to discuss your topic. We are interested in all research projects, large and small, and can help write your proposals to incorporate our novel technology.