SELFRAG has High Potential – Swiss Economic Forum

The Swiss Economic Forum has awarded SELFRAG the ‘High Potential’ label due to the potential for future growth

Based on the findings of a panel of industry experts, the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) has found SELFRAG to have high short term potential for growth, with very high in the long term and awarded the company the SEF ‘high potential’ certification. The official press release is found on the SEF website in French and German, with an English translation below below:


SELFRAG AG builds fragmentation machines that use high-voltage electrical pulses to crush a wide variety of materials into specific dimensions as well as selectively separate materials according to their various characteristics.

Using high-voltage electrical pulses and shockwaves, the Rod Crusher from SELFRAG breaks down a silicon rod into relatively equally small parts in no time at all – an impressive demonstration of SELFRAG’s revolutionary fragmentation technology.

As a spin-off from the Ammann Group, the company acquired its expertise in its initial years with the development of machines for university laboratories; perfecting its skills over subsequent years through the challenges of increasing throughput and industrialising the technology. As a first mover in this sector, the company has protected its developments with various patents. Another future-oriented area in which fragmentation technology can be used is the recycling of bottom ash, which is formed during the combustion of waste.

Advantages of the SELFRAG technology

SELFRAG has made some impressive achievements in the area of recycling technology. Tiny metal particles are separated from bottom ash and sorted for recycling. The proportion of materials ending up at waste disposal sites that cannot be recycled has fallen to 30%. In the silicon section, the alternative method of fragmenting silicon solar cells is to use a tungsten hammer by hand or a jaw crusher. With this method, the product is contaminated by the mechanical contact. This contamination has to subsequently undergo a laborious cleaning process involving corrosive chemicals. In photovoltaics, the purity of the silicon crystals is of critical importance. In contrast to mechanical crushing, the method using high-voltage electrical pulses results in considerably less contamination and thus in a minimal loss of materials. You can see how the technology works in a video by clicking the image below:

SELFRAG High purity processing plant

Huge potential instrumental in the awarding of the quality label

The SELFRAG technology holds great potential for use in further areas of application, such as in mining. The advantages of the high-voltage pulse method reflect the megatrends in the environment and politics. The scarcity of resources, higher environmental awareness and rising energy prices are calling for a sustainable method of handling materials as well as for greater efficiency in recycling waste products. The SEF4KMU expert team is confident that SELFRAG will be able to meet this demand and has therefore awarded the company with the “SEF.High-Potential KMU” quality label.