SELFRAG Lab #37 Installed at Northwest University, China


We’re happy to announce the installation of our 37th SELFRAG Lab System at Northwest University in Xi’an, China, where it will provide advanced mineral liberation for geochronology, helping unravel the history of the Earth.

The team at Northwest University

The system is located in the geoscience department of the university where it will be utilised by undergraduate and postgraduate students to produce clean coarse mineral separates to support their research.

SELFRAG and EuSci staff were on site to provide expert safety and operation training for the high voltage electric pulse fragmentation system.

User training is under way

Electric pulse fragmentation, or EPF, has a range of uses beyond disaggregation of geological samples. Consult the applications section of our website to find out more.

or more information or to request a quote for a Lab system, please get in touch on Eusci (China) or SELFRAG (Rest of World).