SELFRAG Lab #40 Installed at the BGS

We’re happy to announce the installation of our 40th SELFRAG Lab System at The British Geological Survey (BGS) in Keyworth, UK, where it will provide advanced mineral liberation for geochronology, helping unravel the history of the Earth.

Lab #40 is the first system to be installed in the UK and equips the department with avant-garde technology to provide fast, dust free liberation of minerals for isotopic analysis. The Lab is located in the isotope geoscience laboratory where it will be utilised by BGS Staff to produce clean coarse mineral separates to support the UK research community.


Selfrag Lab 40 with Lightning Machines staff and BGS users
BGS Super-User, Diana Sahy (Left) and Lightning Machines Director Dan Parvaz with Lab #40


Lightning Machines were on site to commission the system and provide expert safety and operation training for the high voltage electric pulse fragmentation system.


Disposal of electronic  waste is one of the great challenges of this generation, and BGS staff are keen to tackle. An old mass spectrometer is being broken down, and will slowly be fed into the lab system to recover metals for recycling.


Circuit board from a mass spectrometer
Circuit board after processing, with components and metal circuitry removed.


The British Geological Survey is also equipped with a micro-process vessel for handling of small, rare or valuable samples. This contained unit offers a closed reaction chamber where 100% of sample can be retained under gentle EPD treatment.

Researcher Diana Sahy asembling the microprocess vessel


The Microvessel containing the sample
Sample broken down into mostly monomineralic particles, with the fine material collected below.
The sand fraction after treating with darker molybdenite particles (top).

Electric pulse fragmentation, or EPF, has a range of uses beyond disaggregation of geological samples. Consult the applications section of our website to find out more.

For more information or to request a quote for a Lab system, please get in touch here: SELFRAG.