SELFRAG ​​technology presented at the Swiss Green Economy Symposium

Swiss Green Economy Symposium

As part of the Swiss Green Economy Symposium, Innovation forum 10 highlighted the challenges related to the treatment and landfill of Incinerator Bottom Ash.

During this event, SELFRAG ​​was able to present to scientific experts, political opinion leaders, and decision-makers the advantages of processing Incinerator Bottom Ash with its technology using high voltage pulse power.

We are pleased to share herewith, this  press release on this topic and of course remain at your disposal to answer your questions.

Press releases in French, German and Italian can be found below:

SELFRAG Communiqué de presse SGES

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Press release (English)


50% reduction in landfill mass and a significant reduction in CO Footprint


The advantages of SELFRAG ​​technology were presented at the Swiss Green Economy Symposium


The processing of waste slag with high-voltage pulse technology is a proven, efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly method to improve the circular economy. SELFRAG ​​presented this approach for the processing of waste slag at the Swiss Green Economic Symposium (SGES) on September 1, 2020 in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Kerzers, September 7th, 2020. The SELFRAG ​​process is based on an energy-efficient and simultaneously
economic fragmentation method. The valuable components trapped in the slag will be released selectively along the material boundaries through application of high-voltage pulses. In combination with traditional sorting methods, this creates a sustainable and efficient overall system for recovery of metals and mineral fractions.

At least 50% reduction in landfill mass
In addition to the very high level of metal recovery, SELFRAG’s technology also impressively gives a substantial reduction in landfill volume. At least half of the slag can be re-used or recycled – a significant contribution to the circular economy. The recovered mineral components are found as additives in cement and reused by the Construction industry. This prevents material going to landfill and reduces landfill costs leading to considerable savings in CO.

Significant reduction in the CO footprint
The SELFRAG ​​plants will be built on-site or in the immediate vicinity of the waste incineration plants. This relieves the road network. There will be local jobs created and long transport routes for the slag avoided – a further contribution to the reduction the CO footprint.

Flexible and economically advantageous
SELFRAG ​​will finance, build, and operate plants in Switzerland.


Complex and unnecessary construction work, such as the conversion of a furnace line from wet to dry extraction or an incinerator building their own slag processing plant is not needed anymore. Being the operator of the plants, we take responsibility for the processing and guarantee compliance with all legal requirements“.

  • – Frederic von der Weid, CEO of SELFRAG

For more informtion please contact Frédéric von der Weid, CEO – SELFRAG ​​AG