Rod Crusher

Rod Crusher

The SELFRAG Rod Crusher is specifically designed to fragment mono or poly-crystalline silicon for the solar and semiconductor industry with virtually zero contamination. Our unique non-contact crushing provides rapid size reduction and preserves the chemical purity of your material, making it perfect for high purity applications.

This step change in silicon processing has seen leading silicon manufacturers worldwide choose the Rod Crusher to increase both production efficiency and product quality.


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The solution for high quality sizing of silicon or other high purity materials

The Rod Crusher is a non contact crusher for high purity silicon industry. Mono or polysilicon rods are brought into the machine where high voltage discharges cause shockwaves close to the material, fragmenting it without abrasive contact with any metals.

This innovative contactless crushing method combines the lowest contamination with selectable target size distribution to set new standards in the high purity materials industry.

Fully automated production lines are available with throughputs from 1,000 up to 15,000 metric tons per year.

World market leaders in silicon production have already installed SELFRAG systems to increase their production efficiency and product quality.
Rod Crusher

Silicon rod crushing plants have been installed worldwide at mono or poly-silicon producers, with automation provided by leading global suppliers. Each production line is engineered according to our clients needs and specifications. These production lines allow the one stage crushing of full silicon rods or mono-silicon cut-off pieces into size fractions specified by the customers without contacting the material. Our fully automated plants crush silicon rod without contacting the material, ensuring the highest quality product. Depending on the level of purity required, an etching line is an optional add-on to the SELFRAG system.


Example SELFRAG Silicon Crushing Plant

Continuous silicon crushing with SELFRAG