The Lab System

The Lab system is a laboratory scale solution for selective fragmentation. The Lab uses a SELFRAG high voltage discharges to fragment batches of material and liberate individual components from the whole, whether rock or electronic waste. The Lab is self-contained, compact, and constructed in Switzerland to meet all EU health and safety regulations. The Lab system is ideal for use in geosciences, mining and recycling research.



The SELFRAG Lab is ideal for Lab based investigations requiring the clean, selective fragmentation of a material with minimal sample losses.

The Lab allows the batch processing of either a single, fist sized rock sample, or up to 1 kg of unconsolidated material. Two vessel designs allow for material to either be contained within the chamber, or for processed material to fall through a sieve into a collection vessel beneath. With both options, the sample is contained within a fixed space eliminating sample loss. Disassembly and cleaning of the process vessel between samples is quick and easy.

Over 30 Lab systems have been installed across the world, and are used in geoscience, recycling and mining research to push the boundaries of these fields. Our resources section features select publications where the Lab system has been used.

Self-contained, compact, semi-automated device, designed for installation on level, solid ground in interiors. Constructed in accordance with EU standards.

Outer dimensions
Max. L x W x H237 x 87 x 206 cm
Clear ceiling height250 cm
Total weight2250 kg
Operating conditions
Working temperature12 – 32 °C
Ambient conditions when not operating4 – 40 °C
Humidity max75%
Required telecommunications infrastructure

For remote customer support a LAN connection is required (internet connection RJ45).

Control, user interface

PLC with graphic touch panel. User information:

– Process status

– Diagnostic information

– Voltage (output impulse generator)90 – 200 kV
– Pulse frequency1 – 5 Hz
– Working electrode gap10 – 40 mm
Required utilities
Gas loop:
– Dry Nitrogen (N2) Class 4.57 bar
Electrical energy
– Connection (3-phase, Neutral, Ground – 3L-N-PE) *Other net voltages can be supplied by using a transformer400V* +/- 10% / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption
– Peak power consumptionmax. 6 kW
max. 7 kVA
– Currentmax. 10 A
– Standby modemax. 0.2 kW
Sound pressure level (Leql)
At stand-by56dB(A)
During processing79dB(A)
Sound exposure level (LEX)70dB(A)
For Customer Service contact
SELFRAG AG • Biberenzelgli 18 • CH-3210 Kerzers • Switzerland
Phone +41 31 750 32 32 • Fax +41 31 750 32 33 • •

The Lab system is in use in a variety of fields within academia, and the high voltage electric pulses can break apart almost any composite material along the phase boundaries. Here, application specialist Dan Parvaz talks us through the Lab system installed at the University of New South Wales, Australia, in 2016. You can see more on our YouTube channel.