SELFRAG Services
SELFRAG offers a range of services from electric pulse treatment of materials through to user training and regularly scheduled plant maintenance. Use the contact form below to tell us what you’re interested in.
Laboratory Test Work

If you think SELFRAG might be the right technical solution for you, we can arrange laboratory test work tests on your material at a range of scales, from hand specimen treatment on the lab to processing several tons of material on our continuous systems. Please contact using the below contact form to discuss your requirements

Service Packages

A regular check up and service is key to keeping any machinery functioning optimally, and SELFRAG equipment is no different. We recommend a once-yearly inspection and service for all our machines, whether laboratory based or industrial.


Selfrag offers a range of training packages on our equipment, ranging from theory of high voltage fragmentation to user training, basic service and maintenance of our equipment. This is ideal to get new users up to speed with our technology and what can be achieved, and can be delivered at our site or at yours.

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